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Lipa Later Electronics

We are making technology affordable for you. Get the electronic of your choice today and pay for it in comfortable monthly installments.

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Lipa Later Furniture

Need to furnish your home or office? Get the furniture you need today

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Lipa Later Credit Card

You are one step from your financial freedom. Get the Lipa Later credit card and buy anything, anywhere, anytime.

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Lipa Later Trade in/upgrade

Would you want to trade in your old electronic and upgrade to a new one with Lipa Later? Or do you need an electronic but can’t afford a brand new one?

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3 Minutes

Quick & easy application. Know how much you qualify for in a few hours

Speedy Approvals

Get fast approval upon submission of requirements

12 Months

Get up to 12 months repayment period

Low Interest

Get flexible & affordable interest rates from as low as 4%

How It Works

Register here or visit our partner stores to know how much you qualify for

Submit requirements online/partner stores & wait for approval from Lipa Later

Once you have been approved, collect your item, start making monthly payments

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  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • E-commerce


What can I get under Lipa Later Financing?

Get any electronic or Furniture you need. Browse through our partner stores and find the right item for you

What are the requirements?

For salaried people, we need your latest 6 months’ Mpesa statements, we may also require your latest 3 month’s payslips. For business people, we require your latest 6 months’ Mpesa statements and latest 6 months bank statements.

How do I get my Mpesa statements?

I. Dial *234# on your phone
II. Select My M-PESA Information
III. Select M-PESA Statement
IV. Select Change Email / Enter Email
V. Enter buy@lipalater.com
VI. Confirm the email address buy@lipalater.com
VII. Dial *234# again
VIII. Select My M-PESA Information
IX. Select M-PESA Statement
X. Select Full Statement
XI. Select Last 6 Months
You will receive an Email from Safaricom letting you know that your Last 6 months’ Mpesa statements have been sent to buy@lipalater.com

What happens if I don’t get a verification code after sending my Mpesa statements?

Call our Customer Care line and you will be assisted.

Where do I send my payslips (salaried) and bank statements (business)?

Send them to documents@lipalater.com

Do you stock the items at Lipa Later?

No. We have partnered with several stores that supply us with the items.

Do you give me the money for the item or do you purchase it on my behalf?

We purchase the item directly from our partners on your behalf. We do not give you the money.

What if I don’t have payslips?

We will require your 3 months’ bank statements instead.

Can I get my own supplier?

No. We use our suppliers (partners) to ensure legitimacy and authenticity.

What happens after being approved?

Agree to the terms and conditions, collect your item.

Do I qualify for another facility if I am still servicing another one?

Yes, you do. After completion of 75% of your facility, you qualify for another. Yes.

Is Lipa Later Service only in Nairobi?

No. Our service is in all major towns across Kenya.

How long does it take for me to get approved?

It should not take more than 24 hours

When do I start making my monthly payments?

You start paying for the item a month after you get it.

Do I qualify to apply if I am paid in cash or Mpesa?

Yes, you do.

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If you have any queries on getting products through our financing, contact us on

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If you would like to partner with us, contact us on:

Phone: 0709 684 000

Email: partners@lipalater.com

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